Service providers like you are valuable sources of comfort and support during times of distress.

With the growing presence of COVID-19, you are uniquely able to address concerns and coordinate referrals to needed services. You are poised ― through your extensive community relationships ― to reach vulnerable populations with essential information and assistance. Even in this rapidly-changing environment, you are easing anxiety and guiding others through tough decisions. These acts are an essential part of the safety net for our most vulnerable community members, and we are grateful for your efforts.

For those of you already using an IRIS network to ensure families are connected to services, we are uplifted and encouraged by all you are doing. We’ve been hearing many inspirational stories of how IRIS networks are responding. We know it’s hard…available services are changing every day, every hour. Delivery methods are flexing to meet the changing needs. And individuals and families are coming to you in rapid succession with complex needs, major disruptions, fears, and frustrations.


To our IRIS networks everywhere, we thank you.

We are energized by the creative ways you have maximized IRIS communication features, streamlined referral processes to reduce barriers, and rapidly onboarded new partners to bolster your community’s response. Your work on the front lines is not going unnoticed.

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Whether you are new to IRIS or a seasoned user, please send a message through our contact form to tell us how we can help you, help others.

Integrated Referral and Intake System

IRIS is a web-based communication tool to help organizations connect the families they serve to the right resources in their community. IRIS is simple, mobile, and customizable. IRIS empowers communities to build a family-centered referral network supported by common expectations.

IRIS helps coordinate services for families.


service agencies and organizations within a community to each other


through common intake forms and standardized protocols


intake, referral, and service acceptance among partners


families to the right services to meet their needs

Teri A. Garstka, Ph.D., Associate Director Center for Public Partnerships and Research University of Kansas

Randi Harms, M.A., Assistant Director Center for Public Partnerships and Research University of Kansas


    IRIS: helping families thrive through connected communities

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