People powered

IRIS’ proven human-powered approach simplifies implementation so you can focus on what’s important— serving families.

People powered
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Technology enabled

Simple, standardized, and purpose-built for efficient onboarding, communication tracking and reporting.

Data driven

Measure what matters. Monitor referrals, capacity and performance to track changes over time and maximize efficiency and resources.

Technology enabled

Purpose-built for impact

IRIS is a collaboration tool powered by people and technology for the benefit of all. Our approach is built on extensive experience working with communities to design a common set of systems to simplify onboarding and communication, facilitate collaboration, and maximize efficiency.

Referrals Given
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Human Support Team

Human Support Team

Our in-house experts are there to provide services and support for each community from plan, to launch, to scale.

Extensive Implementation Tools

Our robust set of resources on community readiness and implementation help you unlock the value of IRIS quickly.

Standardized Processes

Standardized Processes

An intuitive and purpose-built interface allows for quick onboarding and standardized collaboration tools all in one place.

Security and compliance

Built on HIPAA compliant and rigorous security certifications, IRIS keeps your data and assets safe and accessible.

Capcity Visualization

Capacity Visualization

Use data to collaborate more efficiently by visualizing each partner’s capacity and available resources in real-time.

Centralized Reporting

Maximize your community’s resources and efficiencies through meaningful reporting to identify gaps, needs, and overall performance.