What makes IRIS unique?

IRIS is more than just technology to connect families to the right services at the right time. It is also an approach that brings committed champions, partners, and policy makers together to build healthy communities.

How IRIS Works

planting seeds

People Powered by Community Readiness Tools

People Powered

  • Community readiness tools
  • Co-creating your approach
  • Community self-start plan
  • Dedicated implementation team

Technology Enabled by closed referral loops

Technology Enabled

  • Closed referral loops
  • Standardized forms
  • Real-time notifications
  • Partner capacity indicator
Community Health Center
Referral Report

Data Driven by meaningful reporting

Data Driven

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Meaningful reporting
  • Detailed search capacity
  • Support for collaborative decisions

What should we budget?

We are a not for profit committed to making IRIS accessible to communities who need it to accelerate their vision for change. As such, our focus is on measurable results and outcomes—at an affordable price.

Provide funding to support an IRIS network

Fertile Soil


Join an existing IRIS network
Find out if there is an IRIS network already in your community and get connected with its local IRIS champion.

  • Engagement with community network partners
  • Integration of IRIS with your organization’s existing workflow
  • Participate in network meetings, review data and refine processes

Get connected

Join an existing IRIS network

Plant Seeds


Launch IRIS in your community
Build a new IRIS network from the ground up. 

  • Local IRIS Leadership team and network development
  • User training, platform access, post-launch expansion
  • Implementation and data analysis assistance

Take the Readiness Indicator

Launch IRIS in your community

Cultivate Growth


Provide funding to support an IRIS network
Local, state and national organizations, associations, and foundations can invest in communities implementing or using IRIS. 

  • Implementation or expansion in one or several communities
  • Integration with other referral platforms to streamline the network
  • Bring a group of organizations into a local IRIS network 

Get in touch

The fine print

IRIS pricing is annual and per-community basis; there is no per-organization or per-user cost.

Year 1 pricing is dependent on community readiness, your network’s vision, and the level of support your community will need from our team to prepare for launch.

Year 2+ pricing includes user support and platform access including access to system enhancements and security updates.

Pricing is based on network size, Local IRIS Leadership Team capacity, and the support needed to achieve community goals including network expansion and data analysis.