Families are empowered to seek and engage in the services they need when providers are well connected. Through the development of coordinated referral networks focused on creating clear pathways to services, families know when, where and how to access needed supports – whether it be seeking prenatal care, accessing safe and affordable childcare for a young child, supporting the mental health needs of an adolescent, locating concrete supports in times of need, or caring for an elderly parent.  

In May 2021, Lindsay Galindo ED.S, Research Project Manager and Randi Harms MA, Research Project Director presented this poster at the 2021 Association of Maternal & Child Health Program’s Virtual Conference to demonstrate the role of Kansas state agencies, including Maternal Child Health (Title V), in scaling the vision for IRIS to promote stronger, mutually beneficial community collaborations and the impact of one community’s use of IRIS to facilitate key connections for families. 

AMCHP Poster 2021