What is Leader Lab?
IRIS Leader Lab offers our leaders with the opportunity to connect with other IRIS communities. Guided by the IRIS Implementation Team, this shared learning approach provides interactive training and support, and is bolstered by the attendees who share and learn from collective experiences.

Why Leader Lab?
Holding true to our IRIS Values: people first, do and improve, amplify voices, and add seats to the table, the IRIS Implementation team dreamed of an opportunity to gather our community leaders in a shared space. During these gatherings, IRIS leaders may share challenges and successes through implementation and cultivation, providing an opportunity to hear from others how they addressed barriers, and know they are not alone in this process. 

This space not only provides time to share ideas but supports the IRIS Implementation Team to learn how the IRIS implementation approach, tools, and technical assistance may be adjusted to better support our communities.

How are Leader Labs conducted?
All sessions have been held virtually via Zoom. Every session lasts an hour. We ask attendees to turn on their cameras for a livelier experience. If time allows in the agenda, partners may introduce themselves at the beginning of the session. We do ask for microphones to be muted when not speaking, and the chat feature is enabled for those who prefer to use it.

Who can join Leader Lab?
Invitations are sent to all local IRIS leadership teams. At times, there are identified topics where IRIS partners (users) may join. Contact your IRIS Implementation Coordinator for more information.

When are Leader Labs scheduled?
We have not had a regular schedule set… yet! We plan to connect with you all in this space every other month (6 sessions a year). However, special sessions or location-specific Leader Labs are a possibility for the future! 

Please check back here for the 2022 line-up.