IRIS Referral Icons

Referral Icons indicate the status of a referral in IRIS. The process begins as a seed and blossoms into an iris flower once the referral is completed. If a referral can not be accepted, it is represented by a seed with a "no symbol" through it.  Connect with Iris Resource Each IRIS Referral Icon and definition is outlined below.

Sent Referral 

A seed in a flowerpot symbolizes a referral has been sent—the first step in the IRIS referral process. Referral Made Tile

Accepted Referral

A sprout in a flowerpot symbolizes an accepted referral. Accepted Referral Tile

Rejected Referral

A seed with a no sign symbolizes a rejected referral. Rejected Referral Tile

Completed Referral

A blooming IRIS flower in a flowerpot symbolizes a completed referral—the last step in the IRIS referral process. Completed Referral Tile