IRIS Terminology

Capacity Bar

The Capacity Bar represents the organization's capacity to accept new referrals in IRIS and can be seen by partner organizations when they are making referrals. The Capacity Bar can be adjusted manually and any IRIS user within the organization can update the status to reflect available space or wait list times. Check your Community Standards Guide for specifics on how the Capacity Bar is used in your community. 


Comments can be made between referral partners from when a referral is sent, up until it is completed. Comments should only include information pertinent to the referral and should never include confidential information. 


A Community is a group of organizations that refer families they serve to other organizations within the same community, geographic region, or service area. 


In IRIS, a Family represents a person or family who is being referred to an organization. There is no definition of what the family composition should be in IRIS.


An Organization is any organization or program that provides services to individuals and families in the community who makes and/or receives referrals in IRIS.

Organization Card

An Organization Card is an image that displays the name, logo, and Capacity Bar for a partner organization on the partner selection screen. 


IRIS was developed to facilitate and track referrals between organizations in a community. A Referral is information communicated between organizations to connect an individual or family with relevant resources within the community. A Referral contains contact information for the individual or family and additional pertinent information such as which services are being requested and how the individual or family qualifies for services.

Referral Card

A Referral Card is an image that displays the family's referral status as an IRIS Flowerpot. It includes the caregiver's name, referral status, and the name & logo of the referring organization.

+See Details

+See Details lets users see more information about an organization during the partner selection process. +See Details is located at the bottom of each Organization Card and includes location, contact information, purpose, and eligibility criteria.

Service Areas 

Service Areas are the types of services offered by partner organizations in an IRIS Community. Community Managers establish a list of Service Areas for their community and partners indicate which services they provide. On the Partner Selection screen, users may filter by Service Area when making a referral.

Team Member

A Team Member is an employee of a partner organization in a referral Community. Team Members have access to manage families and referrals in IRIS.