“With the increased need for resources due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to do more for the residents of Kane County. IRIS allows us to uniquely address the concerns of our residents and coordinate referrals to needed services.”

— Anna Czerniak, Children’s Mental Health program manager at the Kane County Health Department

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Partners from the Kane County early childhood, behavioral health, and substance use prevention systems have come together to bolster the referral process for providers and the residents they serve. Learn about the network's vision and unique collaboration in this article published by Kane County Connects, a digital community outreach initiative for the county.


This week, the Kane County Health Department launched an Integrated Referral & Intake System to enhance the referral process and connect individuals and families with the resources they need.
The Kane County IRIS community has representation from 66 local organizations in multiple sectors including: mental health and psychiatry, primary care, dental, early childhood services, K-12 education, park district programs, adult and juvenile probation, parenting resources, substance abuse services, employment resources, immigration and legal services, emergency shelter, and basic needs such as food and clothing.

The process started in 2019, when the AOK (All Our Kids) Network identified the need for a more streamlined referral process and started laying the groundwork to bring IRIS to Kane County.
In late 2020, the KCHD decided to implement IRIS through a collaboration between the AOK Network, Kane County System of Care, and the Opioid Task Force. The team gathered community partners to configure the IRIS platform to meet the unique needs of Kane County residents. Together, partners agreed on common referral practices and developed the Community Standards that will dictate expectations of use for all.

The Kane County provider community has worked diligently to ensure that this tool will be widely used to help meet the needs of community members. KCHD will continue to expand the IRIS network, engaging resources across community sectors to support families in our communities.

Vision statement: The Kane County IRIS Community will build upon strong collaborative relationships with partners to implement a data-driven, comprehensive, closed-loop referral system that identifies gaps in resources so that community members will be more effectively connected with the services they need to support positive outcomes.
For more information, contact one of the Kane County IRIS community managers:
Kim Peterson, Kane County AOK Network Coordinator: petersonkim@co.kane.il.us
Anna Czerniak, Children’s Mental Health Program Manager: czerniakanna@co.kane.il.us
Sophia Ottomanelli, Substance Use Prevention Specialist: ottomanellisophia@co.kane.il.us 
Link to source article: Kane County Connects