Planning for Office Closures

IRIS partners come from many sectors. With this includes seasonal adjustments to schedules and workflow practices. To support your internal workflows and the needs of your partners, we offer a  variety of approaches to communicate changes in schedules and capacity:

  • Capacity Bar: One of the simplest ways to update your network of closures, delays, and temporary workflow adjustments is through the capacity bar. While your Community Standards should outline what the expectations are for you and your partners, consider the following to be included in your capacity text field:
    • Primary contact and method for urgent needs
    • When your organization will be providing services
      • Consider noting closure dates or adjusted holiday hours
    • Note on limited staff or services
    • Remember to adjust when services resume to “normal” 
    • Refer to the Capacity Bar Find Answers article for step-by-step directions
  • Internal workflows: Organizations with limited seasonal capacity should consider how IRIS referrals are being reviewed with possible key staff away from the office. While the Capacity Bar updates may be sufficient, some organizations may need to consider how to internally manage referrals when working in a limited capacity. 
    • Primary Contact:
      • Ensure appropriate users have access to the organization
      • Review your Community Standards to adhere to best practices for partner communication
      • Consider capacity bar messaging
    • Users:
      • Update email notification settings (these can be updated upon your return)
      • If you will be monitoring referrals, make sure you have access to the appropriate organizations via the Switch Access feature
  • System and Data Managers: If the Managers will not be active for an extended period, communicate with your network their appropriate points of contact and procedures. Also, consider the following:
    • Community Standards: If the procedures are already outlined, follow your community’s expectations
    • User access: Prepare partners by sharing the dates you will be out, and instruct primary contacts to review user accounts and ensure they’re up to date
    • IRIS Support: Email IRIS Support ( to let them know when the Managers will be unavailable. They are available as a temporary backup for the administrative duties associated with the Manager role
      • IRIS Support will be closed for Federal Holidays
  • Before you go…
    • Use the reports feature to review any outstanding referrals
    • Consider providing updates via the comment feature
    • Review your internal workflow
    • Update the Capacity Bar

Need IRIS Support? Find Answers is home to IRIS articles and video tutorials for users and Managers.  You may also email IRIS Support at with any technical questions your users may have.