Our mission at the Center for Public Partnerships and Research is to optimize the well-being of children, youth, and families. It is our work, driven by this mission, that leads to the development of tools like IRIS and partnerships like those throughout Illinois.

Since May of 2019, 17 IRIS communities spanning 32 counties have bloomed across the state of Illinois. State-level leaders are working to meet communities where they are, focusing on unique needs while empowering local leaders to align with statewide vision and goals to support all Illinois families. Decisions are community-focused and data-driven, allowing local leaders to use the implementation of IRIS to address unique local needs such as meeting heightened needs highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, bridging the gap between healthcare and social services, and focusing on helping families with young children thrive. Early adoption and growth in communities has supported the resilient and collaborative spirit necessary for community systems building.

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