While IRIS leadership teams provide resources to assist conversations around data best practices, there are many existing resources available to increase a user's comprehension of their community's family and referral data. All users can access aggregated organizational referral information in the IRIS platform through the All Referrals and Reports sections.


Using IRIS Data: An Overview

The All Referrals section allows users to easily access family referral data for their organization and provides a data visualization that shows the number of referrals made, the percentage of accepted referrals, and the average response time. Users can also export and filter data by caregiver name, organization, referral status, and date range. Likewise, IRIS users have access to the Community Referrals, Incoming Referrals, and Outgoing Referrals reports in the Reports section. These reports allow users to view information specific to their organization and analyze referrals by outcome or response type.

Reviewing data enables users to examine the impact of referral outcomes and to find avenues to improve families' experiences when accessing services. This information is intended to support your work by recognizing successes and finding ways to refine existing procedures. Further, data can guide internal collaborations, identify opportunities to dig deeper into key referral outcomes and adjust processes as needed. The resources below may help guide the review process as you identify trends and explore opportunities for continued growth.


In this section, you will find resources describing the various data reports available to IRIS users and processes for downloading and accessing family referral data.

  1. IRIS Reports  
    • This resource provides more in-depth information on how to access reports in IRIS.  
  2. Summarizing Community Data
    • This guide provides an overview of using exported referral information and how to enhance referral processes at the organizational level. 
  3. Examining Data and Exports
    • ​​​​​​The All Referrals data resources provide further information on best practices for examining referral data and instructions on exporting referral information as an Excel file. 


Download "How Do I Use My IRIS Data?"